Body Autonomy: Male Privilege Personified

I’m a woman- a black woman.  I also have lived the past 17 years of my life with a condition diagnosed as PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome).  It interferes with the regularity of my menstrual cycle- thus, making chances of pregnancy less likely, successful conceptions harder to carry to full term, and a myriad of other hormonal and weight-related issues I go through every day. 

I have always dreamt of being a mother one day but, so far, I have waited until I was in the right relationship and circumstances to procreate.  It has also been my choice to do so.  Knowing that it will be harder when my boyfriend and I get to that stage is a scary consideration- but it’s ours alone to consider.  That possibility is made worse knowing now that if I were to have a predictably difficult pregnancy, I won’t be able to terminate if I were in the wrong state.

Although it’s 2019 in the United States of America, I’d be stuck with the consequences of a disorder I couldn’t prevent and those consequences could be fatal for both me and the child. 

Things like ectopic pregnancies can be life-threatening and are probable with my PCOS.  But how did that decision to momentarily forfeit my life-long dream of a giving birth to a child get placed into the hands of old men in small court rooms?  Do they even know I exist?  Do they even care whether or not I do?

The latest news about the Alabama ruling on abortions has spurned division in ways that seem to polarize the masses on both sides of the bipartisan fence.  It’s unknowingly furthered the ideology of how blinding privilege exists & it does so predominantly in the minds and hearts of America’s “Christian” men.  While there are also women in this “pro-life” battle, it is clear that they’re only in the equation to improve the optics of their process to possibly overturn Roe v. Wade in Supreme Court

Pro-lifers’ use of that bait & switch tactic proves that the motives of these steps toward litigation reversal are purely ego-driven and fueled by patriarchy.  Why do miserable white men in Ohio care so much about policing the bodies of women?!  Because it’s historically typical?  Probably.  But most likely due to oddly-calculated waning census numbers for their demographic and the terror that’s induced in their projections for the future.  The false idea of a growing minority happening in front of their faces led to a plethora of problematic policies & legislation and even a horrific presidency.  This is just another prong on the fork currently tenderizing the nation.

Women of all demographics are now forced to question whether the states they currently live in or are studying in are worth it knowing they will be surveilled.  But as a black woman, I refused to be policed on any further levels than I already am. 

When black men- specifically- take up arms for causes like these, it hurts on levels I’m not sure I even can understand.  This is a nullification of the strength that stereotypes and horrific histories have forced on black women: to embody a stoic power even through all the systematic injustices the black community faces.  It removes the power of black women’s decisions to create and maintain our own households and it feels like just another blow to our existence.

Not to mention how many children currently live in foster homes and are abused and killed in America- at least 3,000 children per year.  Most of those children are black and/or POC’s- the demographics that will be greatest affected by this proposed legislation.

The arguments that put a fetus before a woman’s body, psyche, financial well-being, and livelihood are completely misguided and ill-conceived.  Women may not intentionally commit to this sex strike but, knowing one is dating is a person in support of these new abortion regulations would dry anyone up- periodt! 

In the words of Megan Thee Stallion: “How you gon’ let a grown man talk you out the draws?”

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