If you have been following this blog for long, you can sense a time of upheaval brewing somewhere in my trajectory. 

I’ve been mulling over my thoughts about my course and the options that I could take from this point for like the past 6 posts!  I’m growing annoyed with my own anxiety to the point of damn near madness.  I’m about to jump off the bridge now: I think I want to power forward with my dreams.

It’s hard though.  Madd hard.

The planning and the preparation for goal pursuits are jobs themselves- not to mention, the tons of confidence needed to see this through is in short supply on my end.  I’m scraping through my days- barely making it to work on time and now I have stomach issues plaguing me due to stress.  I still owe thousands in student loans and credit cards- why am I seriously considering contract work when I have healthcare and a 401k at this company?  Do I seriously want to take a step back?

Building the fortitude and wherewithal to be an entrepreneur is 90% risk and stress- 10% preparation and effort.  There can be days when the list of things that need to be done far extend the list of things that are already done and the money to complete the longer list is nowhere to be seen on the horizon.  The moments you’re dead tired from work but still have three-hours-worth of work left to do for your business can test your perseverance and make you question your own sanity often.

In those instances, find center again: remind yourself why the dream is worth chasing in the first place

Lay all your goals down on paper and allow them to rest there, just until the cock crows and emboldens them with the fervor of completion.  Break them down like variables in a formula to your personal success.  Grant them all the values you want to instill in your children and set them free into the world. 

I have to promise myself that the steps I take will not be in vain: they WILL NOT BE STEPS BACKWARD.  Who am I to presume that the plan fate has for me will be fruitless?  Why would I find solace in cynicism?  There’s nothing there for me. 

I will ensure I redefine my ideas of what it means to chase dreams by aligning my efforts with hopeful thoughts, confidence in my skills, and a bomb ass strategy that I dedicate myself to staying flexible on.

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