In my newfound quest to master freelancing, I’ve decided to start a series for the month of September highlighting ways to freelance and its related issues called The Freelance Chronicles.  Submit to me via email any questions and comments about methods or freelance-related problems and I may include it in my weekly posts!

I have been riddled with trepidation when it comes to really going freelance.  I know I have an idea of the skills I’d be using to earn money online, but what if that doesn’t work out exactly like I outlined?  How can I ensure a monthly cashflow to pay bills when I’m no longer gainfully employed and a full-time freelancer?

While doing my research to pull together the pieces needed to assemble a working strategy, I came across these methods of earning additional cash on the side:


As you can see, I’m already on this path- but even if writing weren’t a passion, a blog is a great place to create the sense of community that will inspire those supporting you to find your art and share it.  The platform it provides will offer a place to express your opinions and once you get ad-placements, it could trickle money into your pockets through the clicks your blog generates. 

Your blog’s community engagement could also lead to sales of any products or services you begin to offer through your blog site.  I, myself, have a page dedicated to my freelance services on here to alert my followers and subscribers that I can not only serve them consistent, quality content- but I can also be trusted in my offering of services to them and any patrons/clients I acquire.

Online Shops

From Etsy shops to Shopify widgets to Squarespace sites- there are tons of options to choose from that offer great software, community platforms, and web design templates for the ‘internetter’ that wants to “set up shop” online.  There are tons of options for businesses online to choose from but creating small trinkets or t-shirts with your logo are easy ways to further market yourself and also add passive income to your budget.

Product Reviews

This option is the most assured way to generate small amounts of consistent income.  There are sites like CNET dedicated to generating product reviews on items, products and services which all producers look and pay for to build their consumer base and trust in their brand. 

Not only will it generate income but, there are people who build influence and a following through their Yelp and Amazon reviews and people have learned to trust their opinions and recommendations online.


This final option will have its own topic one day but briefly, it plays well and pays well into the theme of monetizing one’s opinion.  The platform is dedicated to the display of the opinions of others and has granted every one of its patrons the freedom and power of expression- and it also will compensate them if their opinions become popular.  Although it’s a game of algorithms these days, YouTube has become a platform that many have used to free themselves financially and even become millionaires.

I myself will have a hand in all these methods while on my journey to self-sufficiency.  I’m still just beginning this quest but I’m slowly building faith in myself to start the momentum I need to travel this freelance road with as few bumps along the way as possible.  I hope this aids on your paths too.

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