Every January 1st I’m depressed.  It’s not only the day hallmarking the onset of the new year, for me- it’s the date commemorating the day my mother passed away in 1993.  I haven’t really addressed my underlying sadness during this season directly but, this upcoming year will be the year that I take ownership of my mental machinations.  It’s time to heal.

Through therapy, I have learned how to have the hard conversations with myself- often through expression and creative thinking.  I have also come to the conclusion that gratitude and meditation are god-sent lifesavers that should be emphasized more in daily life.  The small implementation of these practices in my daily life has brought me peace.  True serenity and acceptance are the best gifts I could have given myself this year and I’m happy I am finding my way!

On this journey, reflection is necessary but also is the pursuit of something- anything that invokes a drive and desire to change and grow. Pursuing passion!  Inspiring innovation in your own life!  Helping others and yourself to find fulfillment through intentional acts of kindness and humanity!

I, myself, don’t have much to offer the world other than the empathy and talents that I have been blessed with, but I aim to build and perfect skills that can supplement those natural abilities until they become my habits and passions themselves.

Here’s the list of desires/goals/milestones that I want to focus on for 2020:

  1. Weight management and overall wellness both physically and mentally.
  2. Growing this platform to create a community of people helping to inspire passions and all its pursuits.
  3. Financially aligning my career and personal business while maintaining stability through them.
  4. Expanding my knowledge of self and exploring my confidence in myself.
  5. Evolving my outlook and spiritual consciousness unabashedly.
  6. Becoming a better family member and strengthening my family bonds.
  7. Learning more about my romantic and platonic relationships to be better to my loved ones.
  8. Going back to school to finish my degree.
  9. Putting out my children’s book!
  10. Creating a lifestyle for myself that enriches my mind instead of draining my spirit through empty pursuits.
  11. Acknowledging and showing daily gratitude to my ancestors both living and deceased that have contributed to the makings of me and continue to watch over and want the best for me.

I have plenty more goals and practices that I plan on initiating this year and I know that I’ll be granted the grace to see all these through to fruition.  I’m going to be an intentional being this year and I pray the same for you!

Many blessings!!!

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