THE FREELANCE CHRONICLES: Entrepreneurship Is Scary

I did it y’all.  I finally put in my resignation notice at work to freelance full time. 

The amount of calories I have exerted through night-sweats and pacing bouts- while contemplating this transition over the past few months- should be quantified and turned into a workout regimen.

Eh- I need to lose weight anyway.

Work through it, girl.

I have done all the thought leadership and logistical planning on this though and I’m excited to begin this chapter of my life!  Here’s what I did over the past few months to prep:

  • I have devised a business plan. 
  • I have eliminated all my credit debt by this New Year. 
  • I have built a website myself and started a blog (shout out to all you subscribers!) to help my gain exposure. 
  • I have taken training courses to certify my skills. 
  • I have considered and decided on the pricing for my business services.
  • I have saved capital to purchase materials and business liaison services & platforms. 
  • I have gotten legal help through legal sites like LegalZoom.
  • I have received business advisory from friends who are professionals.
  • I have had business cards made for cheap through Vistaprint.
  • I have initiated a plan to build myself a lead database through networking at conferences. 
  • I have registered for conferences all 2020. 
  • I have created a home office in my new apartment complete with multi-line phone system.
  • I have gotten leads through my established network at my current job. 
  • I have extrapolated my possible needs for this quest and have stayed open for suggestions- flexibility is key.

Still, I’m scared as shit. 

The fear doesn’t dissipate just because your anxiety planned everything beforehand.  This is a major life transition and it shouldn’t be taken on a whim.  This whole thing could be a massive waste of my time & effort.  This could also have cost me money in multiple ways too.  My confidence could take a nosedive if failure seems imminent.  All of these fears sound a little illogical when you type them out though.  The key here is to keep pushing through even if those fears come to life. 

Me pushing through

I’m deciding the path of my life now and not just allowing the current to take me down meandering streams.  Everything will be intentional from here on out (if I can help it).  I just have to let my old self go and allow the winds of change to sweep over me like a kamikaze.  I will be ok because I’m on a pursuit for my passions. <3

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4 thoughts on “THE FREELANCE CHRONICLES: Entrepreneurship Is Scary

  1. you are humorous! and that is great 🙂
    I love reading through your post and I applaud you for being so real.
    As I have heard in one series I was watching, “feeling scared is alright, because it means you are taking this seriously”…

    It would be best to get help to make your visions come true. I have bumped into this website lately, and I am hoping to make my visions a reality with them. Perhaps you can try it out too?

    Again, great read! keep writing 🙂

    1. Thank you again so much for being a repeat commentor and reader of my blog!! I’m happy you find the humor in my posts- at least someone besides me does! hahaha. Stay safe and healthy during this trying time and I will take that advice and keep writing! I hope you stay tuned in! <3

  2. Your post is so fun to read 🙂
    it’s both real and inspiring at the same time.
    Right now, I am in the same page- scared and motivated, all at the same time.
    That’s why I find this website quite helpful in my journey. I just know I cannot go at it on my own.

    I’ll be following through your journey 🙂 keep safe always

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