THE FREELANCE CHRONICLES: The Unexpected Pain & Gain

Who honestly thought that staying home and staying focused would be so difficult?  Distractions abound and I’m currently struggling to keep on track.  As usual, my anxiety is the first to respond to this recent change in my life- and so has my weight.  LORDT it’s hard not gaining pounds when you have all the time to feed your mouth.

I just keep on shoveling it in and to my own detriment.  I hate it and honestly- it’s affecting my work productivity too.  Mostly in the context that it’s making me feel shitty like weight gain is prone to do and that in turn, is affecting my confidence.  The next to go is the drive and then it’s a whole spiral.

I’ve worked hard in therapy to develop coping mechanisms to counteract my ugly moments like these.  I know it takes catharsis and reflection- then action- to correct the missteps I’ve clearly taken on currently.

I will do the following steps to help myself slow this and fix what’s the real issue here: my fear of change.

  1. Meditate and Commiserate– I will give myself the time and space every day to calm my anxiety through thoughtful acts, gratitude and mediation.
  2. Give Myself Boundaries– I’ll set strict times when I eat and also what I eat to implement a lifestyle change and not a momentary diet.
  3. Celebrate All Milestones– I’ll allow myself to get excited over small accomplishments and take care in
  4. Exercise and Examine– I’m going to exercise both physically and mentally every day and gain strength in my skills, research new ones, and examine the lessons life teaches through exertion.

I also got a Peloton last week so, that will definitely become the home gym addition to my home office.  Wish me luck- I may even vlog about it all.  We shall see what I get to on this path to pursue these passions, son.

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