Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chanta of Tailored To Bare and interviewing her for my HIP Interview series.  I myself am a patron of hers as I have long-ago been entranced with her mastery of essential oils and her natural, holistic approaches to skincare.  While discussing with her, it was evident that the fervor that lead her to start the company is truly reflected in each product she makes and seen in every event she hosts.

In my interview, Chanta highlighted her passion for skincare and esthetics to help all skin types have a tailored experience with every product she offers.  All the products are artisanal and made to order with options to add in essential oils and catered scents to truly customize each product to one’s individual body.

I will review below the products that I have purchased from her and also provide some pictures from her craft event I attended on Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend at the end.

Bare Body Loofah Bar

Bare Body Loofah Bar

This bar of soap was so good that it inspired me to want to review her whole skincare line!  Honestly, I bought the product initially to support a friend’s business (Chanta and I are previous coworkers).  I was blown away by the options I had to customize this bar to my specifications and scent.  There are exfoliant choices and more scent possibilities than tend to be offered by franchised lines.  I also appreciate the maneuverability of the choices available on the website as well.  The bar was easy on my skin, added moisture with the shea butter base, and fully exfoliated my body with the loofah addition.  Simply amazing.

Good D Bar

A soap bar dedicated to men should never be so intoxicating to women- it’s dangerous.  The scent is light as to not overpower someone getting up close and personal (if you know what I mean) and definitely does its job of accentuating a ‘good d’.  This bar is also fully customizable as well, but I’d opt for her chosen scent if I were you.  Men deserve to treat themselves as well, yanno.

Intoxicating Body Oil

Intoxicating Body Oil

In my first purchase, I bought this oil along with my loofah bar.  It intrigued me because it was during the summer and she had a special offering Citronella oil as an addition to aid in bug repellant.  I was hooked!  Not only does it leave your skin soft and supple, but the citronella adds citrus notes that leave you feeling fresh and not medicated like most bug sprays do.  Also- she provided it in the CUTEST spray bottle and- true to her brand- tailored my order by adding a ‘C’ for my name on the bottle behind the ingredients.  Little additions like that just make you know your patronage is appreciated.

My monogrammed custom order from

Aromatic Immersions: Candles & Cocktails- Valentine’s Day Event

The event I attended hosted by Chanta of Tailored To Bare.

Chanta also is a fabulous event host who specializes in custom cocktails as well as candles.  While my boyfriend and I attended her event in Brooklyn, we made candles and got to choose everything from the scent to the colors we used in the candle wax. I have shared pictures of what’s left of the candles we made there- we are using them up swiftly, hunny!  The event had such a relaxing and romantic ambiance, as well as served delicious finger food that we nibbled on all night.  The drinks were unlimited with the ticket purchase and we all laughed and shared with the others in attendance while crafting our individual candles and scents.  It was super cute lol.  I would definitely attend any event she hosts.  We both had a great time and the experience was well worth the trip from the Bronx to Brooklyn (every New Yorker knows that’s a hike).

The candles my boyfriend Roger and I made during the Candles and Cocktails event.
Chanta of Tailored To Bare and I.
Us again. <3
My boyfriend and I. <3
& again…
The food and craft activities

All in all, Tailored To Bare and anything Chanta is related to is worth sampling.  She gets my full endorsement. <3

Contact Chanta at @the.cocktail.nymph or @tailoredtobare on instagram. Also shop her stuff on her website Tailored To Bare.

If you are a small business owner who would like you have you or your products featured on this blog, please feel free to contact me at to discuss.

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