Are you, like me, a control-freak?  Does this pandemic, political climate, and social upheaval have you so on edge that these illegal fireworks are the icing on top of the depression and anxiety cake you’re baking?

Man.  Like- I’m so wired these days from the anxiety that this all is causing that I can barely collect my thoughts to speak about it- much less write on here with the amount of fervor that I have had for this blog over this past year.

This site is a whole year old now!!!

I should be ecstatic and pushing out newsletters about it.  By now, I could have even had swag to sell in a shop on here too, yanno…  I totally saw myself as having a fully-developed brand at this point because, yeah- I’m a control freak but, mostly I’m a naïve optimist.  I was so organized and detailed that I thought my plan couldn’t fail.  Yikes.

I clearly didn’t foresee the issues arising in 2020 and my mental health is taking a beating because of it.  I’m finding myself pacing in my home these days.  Cleaning things repeatedly and ordering items I don’t need online seem to be the new normal for me, and I’m cyclically losing and re-gaining the same five damn pounds every other week- something has got to give!

My best friend has been a godsend over this time because she helps me vent in a healthy way about all of these things and probes me to find the drive to commit to my passions again.  Without her and my loving mate, I would be adrift without a sail.  I’m blessed to be surrounded by others who love me loudly and openly- particularly during times like these.

If you are like me and are downing yourself currently due to a lull in your productivity right now, take time to pontificate on that.  Here are a quick three steps to mitigate through this process:

  1. Why do you feel that you’re not productive?  Rationally explain the full scope of current events that are going on to yourself.  You may just need to change your ideas of what productivity looks like for you.  Going off of what others appear to be doing is actually counterproductive.
  2. Forgive yourself for not currently being able to naturally transition into the correct mode you feel you should be on.  Faulting yourself for problems you didn’t cause is never the answer.  Who could have predicted Covid-19?!  Relax, relate, release!!
  3. Accept that things right now are beyond your control and focus on the things you can control.   Things like measuring your reactions to any fleeting emotions at play, considering alternate directions you plan to take, and thinking of ways to protect yourself from things like these in the future are great ideas to work through in this social climate. 

Doing all that is pretty productive, if you’d ask me.  Self-care is a necessary passion to have.  Work on you.

Listen to Kevin's mom!

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