Freelance Chronicles: 3 Ways To Know The Imposter Isn’t You

There are days i feel so capable, so organized, so professional, that i forget my moments of insecurity.  I didn’t know I could ever forget them- those nagging momentary pangs in my gut that send me reeling into the intrepid depths of my true self perception.  It’s then in those moments where I feel weak and even lucky to be chosen by my clients as the expert. But, why do I feel that way?

These clients of mine are precious and are truly the sages who saw through my layers and chose me for further exploration and professional alliance. Simply put, they chose me because I showed them why I am worth the decision. I made them feel less that it was a gamble on a new business, and more like the sound and rational next step to helping their business that it truly is.

Evidently, I have to not only perform to the clients’ standards but also unpack my own impossible ones; I clearly have imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is defined as “a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments or talents and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.  Of course, I am not a fraud, and neither is any small business owner who builds their business on the foundations of professionalism, expertise in any offered skill set, and maintaining integrity in all of their work efforts.

Fighting these falsehoods can feel like an uphill mental battle but, here are three ways I fight the funk:

  • Put your best foot forward.

Do the homework. Research your chosen industry and cater your business practices to follow suit. Quality efforts always provide quality results.

  • Market accurately.

NEVER LIE ABOUT ANYTHING IN REFERENCE TO YOUR BUSINESS!  I cannot stress enough how honesty not only is ethical, but necessary to prevent bad reputations and possible future litigation to rectify anything you mis-communicate via your business and its platforms.

  • Remain flexible.

We do not live in a static world and things will evolve and change around you as well as your business.  Staying fresh and capable of revamping to stay ahead of your competition only helps to maintain brand stability. It labels your business as a disruptor and that’s a good thing to attract investors to further build your brand.

Most important of all of these aforementioned tips is to stay true to yourself and your reasoning for starting your business. Remind yourself daily that you are working in your purpose and your chosen role. You created the space you hold and that is not only amazing, but a testament to your drive and persistence. Honor yourself by remembering that your passion for your work got you here… You’ll be just fine.

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